1/9/2017  Peter Gould CEO/Founder of Localzz and Digitalizze
Localzz®, Localzz® Media, and Northland Advertising LLC, an advertising, marketing, information branding, and technology company, provide an extremely diverse combination of over 1400+ branded directories, sites, portals, and marketplaces. Localzz Media has built this for consumers, B for B, advertisers, and other future projects or ventures. We have secured many internet properties for future branded destination sites yet to be fully developed. The vision is to create a destination network know as The Local Information Network™. Our main focus is to provide global to local search and browse local information network.

This network will provide information on businesses, products, services, and much more initially in the United States. Localzz also operates many branded digital deals, coupons, and other incentive directories or marketplaces, which include some sites like Savingsland.com, NorthlandCoupons.com, Frugalzz.com, DealsCEO.com, CouponCFO.com, Incentivezz.com, and many more. The company operates in several different segments for local information with our 1400+ branded local information network through search, browse, deals, coupons, specialty directories, niche sites, mobile information, and much more. Our local information network comprises of 1400+ destination Owned and Operated Network (O & O) sites. Our O & O network operates under the main portal Localzz.

Our branded O & O operates under multiple brands including MyLocalzz, Northlandzz, Northwoodzz, InformationCEO, InformationCFO, and many more. Our network is designed to be simple in design and structure, then spread out quickly to the rest of our O & O network. Our mission is to provide local information that is easy to find global to local information. Also, to provide affordable information postings and listings through directory listings, display advertisements, text ads, and display advertising. Our networked branded O & O internet properties may utilize hosting by Localzz, hosting by others, and utilize a variety of owned or vendor supplied platforms. Our vision has almost unlimited future potential with our massive O & O network and our passion for keeping our network simple to navigate. Also, it has to be easy for advertisers to place information throughout our local information network. Localzz Media will be looking for strategic partnerships or other relationships that bring value to Localzz and our network visitors.